2012: 366 days to a healthier you!

I want to wish you a happy, healthful new year! 

To that end, there have been many trends published by various organizations, for the coming year.  Shape magazine posted a history of trend reporting and it is shocking to see how many of the trends of the past few decades have relevance today.

  • 1981, Lean Cusine was created:  Today, a key measure of convenience and portion control.
  • 1982, Diet Coke released:  Today, an alternative to empty caloried soft drinks.
  • 1983, The Food Network begins broadcasting:  Today, food in your living room (hope it makes it to the kitchen 🙂
  • 1996, FDA approves Olestra, Olean, used by FritoLay for fat-free chips:  Today, government and manufacturer’s manipuating food products to their benefit.
  • 2011, the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid is replaced by MyPlate.gov

Here are some top trends for 2012:

  1. Food prices will continue to rise, necessitating the need to balance personal budgets and plates by using more non-meat sources of protein;  eating at home more; shopping more local; gardening; eating less sugar.
  2. Man Power?  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 41% of men are now cooking at home.
  3. New approaches to common foods:
  • Smaller entrees, appetizers and breakfast “anytime”, at restaurants.
  • Comfort foods with a twist, during continued poor economic times.
  • Continued healthy eating.

As for me, I have these goals for 2012:

  • I am working on a book, scheduled to be completed by Father’s Day, 2012:  Stirring Up Memories, about the paternal influence on children’s nutrition and health.
  • The Freedom Ride:  I will continue to move forward with my love of cycling with a ride from ‘Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.
  • I am starting a new blog, 365 days to a healthier African-America!   Most of my health partners are of my similar demographic, so I want to dedicate a blog to the daily grind of being more healthful, primarily through diet and nutrition.  Follow, join in, and share !

This should be a fun journey


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