Helping you Color your plate!

Macaroni and cheese is probably the number one comfort food. The blend of creamy cheese, spices and pasta, cooked el dante, gently seduces the awaiting taste buds. But there is more to a helping of mac and cheese than meets the naked eye. That is what your readers will learn when they take a seat at my table. I invite readers to engage the process of Coloring Their Plate, with Anthony the RD (Registered Dietitian).

This weekly column does the balancing act that reputable health organizations, which I am a member, recommend. Eating right, evaluating scientific information, savoring restaurant experiences, active living and safety. All this, and coloring the plate, not only with antioxidant rich foods but the unique perspective of the African-American table. Where history meets food, sustainability and health.

Readers will take comfort in the fact that this column is developed and written by a Registered Dietitian, who is Certified in Adult and Child and Adolescent Weight Management, who is also a fitness professional and committed to an active lifestyle, which will be shared with readers; A Competent Toastmaster, who speaks and writes with equal precision. A scratch cooker with experience in quantity food, who works on a budget similar to the common person, but is expandable to enjoy the pleasures of our gift of food. These experiences yields food stories that relates to people. Stories of love, honor and respect, like food being a member of our families.

The true test of a dish is not how it looks but how it balances taste, texture, mouth-feel, smell, and nutrition. All woven together is what makes an even simple meal a memorable experience. This is what readers will enjoy when they follow this column in newspapers for years to come.

Anthony S. Beard, RD, LD, CTM
The Culturally Competent Culinary Conversationalist@
The Wellness Medicine and its Heritage and Health Foundation

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Crayons are replaced with spoon and forks!

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